Steindl Polishing Kits

The Steindl sanding and polishing set offers you the possibility to create finely structured and highly polished surfaces on various shaped parts.
For the professional, using the sanding stars before polishing, greatly reduces the working time for restoration, even for laymen, polishing and fully restoring old parts will be a successful experience.
Repairs of already polished workpieces are now very simple, fast and effective.
For highly oxidised workpieces, Set 3 offers different grits for problem solving.
The special sanding structure (from Grit 400 upwards) in combination with the polishing felt disc (Art.Nr.:4661) and polising paste (Art. Nr: 4670) achieves a high-gloss polish on metals and various plastics.

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Due to the special production procedure, the Steindl Sanding Star adapts to the profile of the respective workpiece, achieves a controlled sanding process as well as a long service life.
You can sand even the most difficult workpieces without any loss of material or shape.
The Steindl Sanding Star always achieves the exact amount of sanding to produce a natural or high-gloss polish, whether metal, plastic or wood (depending of the grit).