Steindl Präzisionswerkzeuge, Sandingstars und Polishing Materials

Steindl Präzisionswerkzeuge has been developing, producing and selling tools such as sandingstars and polishing materials for surface processing, and clamping systems for a secure hold during processing for over 40 years.
In demonstrations at trade fairs and exhibitions, visitors can experience the practical use of our tools live.
Visit us at numerous trade fairs and exhibitions or use our telephone service where we will be happy to help you with the selections of application-oriented products.


In order to achieve the best sanding polishing perormance, we only use material of the highest quality.
" Made in Germany ".
The Steindl sanding stars are manufactured by us under constant quality control.
Various diameters and sanding material of the sanding stars ensure a high degree of flexibility in terms of shapes and material properties.